Alchemy England

Alchemy England Aegishjalmur Necklace


Alchemy England Aegishjalmur Necklace

The Viking rune stave, a powerful, magical, Norse protection amulet.

A 35mm diameter pewter disc covered with an embossed, (raised), Viking, Icelandic stave rune, set beneath a smoked, transparent enamel glaze. The hanger, to which the leather thong os attached, is finished with traditional style dragon's heads.

On a dark brown, 3mm square leather thong with pewter slide fastener, up to 28" (70cm) diameter.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.):H: 40mm (1.57") W: 35mm (1.38") D: 5mm (0.20") Weight: 26g (0.92oz)
(Please note neck jewellery dimensions are excluding the fastenings)